Martinique catamaran cruise

A cruise full of surprises and discovery along the Martinican coastlines!

10 Day cruise starting at 5000 € / 10 days

Revel in the delight of sailing in the turquoise waters of the island of flowers. There’s time to observe dolphins, discover the sea floor, and swim with sea turtles. During your voyage, you’ll have the opportunity to travel to seldom-visited areas and to discover secluded bays accessible only by sea. On land, you can pop into one of the coastal cities of your choice and even go for a hike. A multitude of possibilities are open to you, allowing you to customize the perfect cruise for you.

The hidden treasures of Martinique

To discover during your cruise


This is where you’ll be able to swim with sea turtles. The sea is generally quite calm and there is no swell. After a detour through the bat grotto, we’ll put in at Anse Dufour and then Anse Noire. We’ll peacefully nagivate around this zone for two or three days in order to allow you to completely enjoy the number of bays accessible only by boat.


This bay boasts a reputation for constant winds which facilitate an unparalleled sailing experience. We’ll put in at Fort-de-France for a tour of the city and its colorful market stands.
You’ll have the opportunity to wander the streets of the center of the city, uncovering the Caribbean architecture and tasting local culinary specialties. Then, we’ll set off towards the north of the island.


Past the cap of Bellefontaine, you’ll meet our dolphin friends and you may even have the chance to spot whales, or depending on the season, sperm whales. Further north, we’ll put in at several secluded bays and you can visit the famous city of Saint Pierre. The most courageous may choose to climb the Mount Pelée. We’ll then navigate to the Pearl and onward to Anse Couleuvre, known for its black sand.


To the north, we head to the Caravelle peninsula for our first stop at Treasure bay. On land, a 4 hour walk will allow you to discover the magnificent countryside. We’ll then navigate towards the islets of Chancel and Madame, where you may spot iguanas. Further south, you can swim in the clear water of a place called Josephine’s Bathtub. Finally, we’ll explore the English bay, and spend a relaxing moment near the Chevalier islet.


Visit the charming fishing village of Saint Anne before passing in from of the oldest coral reef alive in the Caribbean. On Wednesday night, you’ll love spending the evening to the rhythm of local music in the quaint little city of Saint Luce. We’ll finish our cruise by exploring the Diamond rock, a place rich with history and unmissable for scuba divers.

Over the course of your stay, you’ll discover the joy of sailing and have your choice of daily activities to spice up your day. Let yourself be guided by our dedicated team who will show you the most gorgeous places there are to be seen. Choosing a themed cruise allows us to adapt the cruise to your favorite activities. This exclusive Calypso Cruises experience is best shared among friends or family.

Your catamaran cruise

Activities Available
Scuba Diving
Kite Surfing
Sailing lessons
Wake-board / towed buoy
Sub-aquatic board
Sea fishing

Climb aboard one of our spacious, comfortable catamarans (indoor and outdoor common spaces, four double cabins, a kitchen, bathroom, and shower. Snorkeling materials and swim noodles are provided. You may request meal service and activities (please indicate if you would like these services when you make your reservation). For more information, contact us at 0696 51 90 54 or by email at the following address :

Meeting place : Pier of Grande Anse – Avenue Robert Deloy – 97227 Les Anses-d’Arlet

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