Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Set sail towards turquoise waters and sandy white beaches as far as the eye can see!

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This archipelago contains countless islands and islets in the heart of the Caribbean. The archipelago of the Grenadines has a reputation for being paradise on earth. Its seafloor hosts an incredible diversity of aquatic species, which makes it a remarkable place for scuba diving. You can also swim with the sea turtles, Manta rays, and horn sharks that navigate the turquoise waters. Stop over on the islands of your choice and let yourself be seduced by the beauty of the landscapes. Scuba lovers may want to choose a scuba cruise so as to explore the lovely seafloor while selecting from our list of diving sites.

St Vincent and the Grenadines

To discover during your cruise


The island of Saint Vincent is volcanic and includes some heights. The highest point of the country is the Soufriere volcano at 1,220 meters above sea level. The Atlantic coast is very rocky and steep, while the Caribbean coast has more sandy beaches and bays.


It is a stretched northeast-southwest island with some capes and bays, one of which (Admiralty Bay) is home to the island’s main town and village, Port Elizabeth. The north of the island is less urbanized, more steep and is home to a marine sanctuary dedicated to turtles. South of Bequia are the small islands of Little Nevis, Isle à Quatre and Pigeon Island.


The island is only five and a half kilometers long and two kilometers wide. The north of the island is mountainous, forested and undeveloped. The South consists of a long peninsula defining Charleston Bay and housing and infrastructure.


Mayreau is the smallest inhabited island in the Grenadines archipelago with an area of about 4 km² and a population of about 300 inhabitants. Renowned for its beautiful white island beach and turquoise water. Mayreau is a secret treasure of peace and tranquility, the bays and beaches are like postcard sets.


Because of its volcanic shape, Union is sometimes called “Tahiti des Antilles”. The island is about five kilometers long and two wide. The two villages, Clifton and Ashton, are on the south coast facing a coral reef. The highest point is at Mount Parnassus at an altitude of 300 meters.


It is a sandbar, so that its outline varies with the tides. Of very small dimensions (of the order of a few tens of meters of length), Morpion is characterized by a unique construction, a straw hut with a coconut leaf roof, which allows the navigators to locate the islet and to distinguish it from Punaise, another sandbar nearby


The Tobago Cays have become one of the favorite places for sailing enthusiasts. Welded by the most beautiful coral reef of the Antilles, these few rocks carpeted with conch conch, giant shells with pink mother-of-pearl, shelter a circular mooring of all beauty. The seabed, steep as canyons, abounds with groupers, surgeons and chickens. There are also sea turtles and rays.

The Grenadines still have plenty of surprises to discover during your catamaran cruise. Let yourself be guided by our passionate team and fall under the spell of landscapes. To enhance your day, select your activities à la carte and compose your cruise according to your desires. Let yourself be tempted by a theme cruise and orient your stay on the activity of your choice Our team is in charge of organizing everything and provides you with all the necessary equipment. An exclusive Calypso Cruises to share with family or friends.

Your catamaran cruise

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Climb aboard one of our spacious, comfortable catamarans (indoor and outdoor common spaces, four double cabins, a kitchen, bathroom, and shower. Snorkeling materials and swim noodles are provided. You may request meal service and activities (please indicate if you would like these services when you make your reservation). For more information, contact us at 0696 51 90 54 or by email at the following address :

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