Dive in freedom!

During a weekend or a cruise, enhance your diving experience and discover the seabed.

Whether you are a beginner or certified diver, our team offers a wide choice of scuba diving sites throughout the Caribbean. Dives for all levels supervised by our captains holding the state patent. They will guide you as well on the water as under water. For novices, you will have the opportunity to do your baptism and even pass your level 1 depending on the length of your stay. For the more experienced, you can select the dives adapted to your level in the places of your choice.

Price of dives

Formulas adapted to all levels, from beginner to diver

Diving initiation 50 €
Level 1 (4 dives minimum) 350 €
Level 2 (8 dives minimum) 500 €
Level 3 On quotation
Exploration 50 €

Our dive cruises

Discover our cruises in catamaran entirely dedicated to the diving in the caribbean

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